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The F Word
Print | $40.00

I used to be a pretty negative person. I don’t know if I thought it looked cool on me, or if I just didn’t know how to be optimistic. And for so long, a long drown-out “fuuuck” was an acknowledgment of defeat. But at some point, it became a moment of realization that good is better than bad—that it’s more rewarding to find the lesson than to just stay down.

It seems obvious now, but it took a lot of work to get here. The longer you let things go, the heavier and more dense they become. This piece, The F Word, is a reminder to choose happiness—to choose progress. And it’s a reminder that I deserve it.

Limited to 20 prints, signed and numbered.

16 x 20 in.
100# Cougar Opaque Smooth Cover
in Bright White

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